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Bare 40 +HA, 40% Urea Gel with Hyaluronic Acid, 8 oz Squeeze Tube, Ultra-Moisturizing Foot Gel, Works on Calluses & Corns, Helps Cracked Dry Heels, Re-hydrates Thick, Rough, Dry Skin For Smooth Feet


  • BARE 40 is your premier revitalizing body care formula. A scientifically designed, powerful gel to help smooth cracked, dry heels and works on thick calluses. This ultra-moisturizing version includes hyaluronic acid which replenishes moisture to keep skin plump, smooth, hydrated and young looking. Lasts longer than the standard Bare 40% Gel and is great for daytime use. Repairs skin and provides relief from redness, itching and scaling. Residue free, non-greasy, doesn’t irritate or leave stains.
  • BARE 40 has a 40% urea concentration – a very high potency. Urea is one of the most effective compounds for treating a variety of dry, rough and itchy skin conditions. Using innovative techniques and premium ingredients, our labs produced a technologically advanced compound for soft and resilient skin. Ask your doctor if BARE 40 may help treat your condition if you suffer from any of the following: eczema, psoriasis, corns, calluses, dermatitis or ichthyosis.
  • BARE takes no shortcuts to sourcing exceptionally potent ingredients. Possessing a formula which unlocks the powerful protein denaturing properties of urea, Bare 40 is a superior skin regenerating compound. Accept only the finest for your skin care regimen. BARE 40 is silicone free, cruelty free, PEG free, gluten free, petroleum free, completely vegan with no artificial dyes or fragrances. BARE gels absorbs faster and don’t leave behind a white, filmy, chalky residue.
  • Formulated, refined, mixed and bottled in the USA. Manufactured under the highest hygienic standards and quality control.
  • BARE products are covered by a 100% manufacturer’s warranty. If you feel a particular product is not effective for you, just let us know and we’ll provide a full refund, no questions asked. Order with confidence.
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