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Skin Brightening Cream and Dark Spot Corrector with Kojic Acid, Bearberry Extract, and Hydroquinone- for Freckles, Acne Scars, Age Spots, Wrinkles, Skin Discoloration, Melasma, Hyperpigmentation

  • ANTI AGING CREAM with safe and effective ingredients that nourish and renew. Our Skin discoloation fade cream has unique bleaching and skin lightening agents that are successfully used to get rid of age spots, wrinkles and fine lines. Skin brightening cream that not only brightens but also gives you a clearer complexion and youthful glow.
  • SKIN BLEACHING for face and body including the neck, chest, armpits, inner thighs, elbows, knees and back. Bleaching cream for sensitive skin. Also the best bleaching cream for private areas.
  • SKIN BLEMISH REMOVER heals acne scars, sun spots, and lightens freckles. It can be used for all skin types. Continuous use will result in fairer skin, lighten red marks and scars, and prevent breakouts.
  • NATURAL SKIN LIGHTENING CREAM is made up a clinically proven set of ingredients that give you a whiter, cleaner and more luminous complexion. Skin brightening treatment. Gives your skin the fair and radiant glow that you desire. Natural skin whitening cream and dark spot remover for freckles, skin discoloration and hyper pigmentation, all which are the result of sun damage.
  • SKIN DISCOLORATION TREATMENT for uneven skin tone, liver spots, pigmented scars, pregnancy stretch marks, acne marks, blotchy skin

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